Another fearless performance of the twenties: The young men tortured the acting master from Zvolen

CHALLENGE – On the ice of the champion, every one goal scored twenty, and although she played, she finally enjoyed twice, and the game was dramatic. In the 8th minute he opened the goal account with the sports personality betting goal of goalkeeper Šimek Rzavský and rewarded the team of his team, which again became fearless.

Even though the Zvolencani players did not hesitate to play, after the third quarter they managed to score only a goal despite the 16: 4 ratio. In the 10th minute the youngsters forgot to fill the space in front of the goal, M. Ďaloga found a precise recording of Čanky and Sabol capitulated for the first time. The second time prevented him from reacting better after the shooting of L.

Zuzin from the defensive on 16th.min, otherwise he also took care of the very interesting first third, though with the predominance of Chosen, but with the greater combat hostility.

Sabol also stood up in the second third and was awarded the 25th minute for Marek Ďalogu and M. Jurík. Zvolencanov’s pressure increased as he managed to score another goal. In the 26th minute, at the end of the beautiful event Podkonicky, but also Hraško and recorder Brabenec signed it. At the end of the second twenty minutes, L. Zuzin and M. Jurík were able to raise but again they did not get a shotgun.

In the third third, the game fell to the lowest spectators in the season, the shot dropped and the goals were not scored even though Puliš 51. min and Podkonický were close to him five minutes later.Finally, the guest managed not only to open the goal but also to conclude it in the 58th minute, when he enforced Černák. The conclusion was dramatic, Zvolenčania weakened by one player and devoted exactly to the rival 1:50 min to settle, poor victory, despite almost a minute power play guests defended.

HKM Zvolen – HK Orange 20 3 : 2 (2: 1, 1: 0, 0: 1)
Goals: 10. Chanky (Martin Ďaloga, Urgas) Zuzin (Hertl), 26. Podkonický (Brabenec, Hraško) – 8. Rzavský (Horanský, Rusina), 58. E. Černák (Valjent)
2: 0, decided by: Bundil – M. Orolin, J. Tvrdoň, 901 viewers

Zvolen: M. Šimko – L. Pokovič, Juraško, Hraško, J. Hertl, Ťavoda, J. Mucha – Puliš, Brabenec, Podkonický – Škvaridlo, Huňady, V. Baláž – Ľ.Zuzin, M. Jurík, Sikel – Chanky, Urgas, Martin Ďaloga

HK Orange: R. Sabol – Gachulinec, Luza, Rusina, Palovic, E. Černák, Valjent, M Mikuš, Bačik – Tibenský, Skalický, Šimun – Rzavský, R. Gašpar, Horanský – P. Koyš, Mlynčár, Minárik – M. Trenčan, D. Rehák, Schroner

Dusan Kapusta (Assistant Coach of the Chosen): ” We won the match so I can say that we are satisfied, especially with the result. you know the first three home games ‘twenties’ were not a coincidence, and we got our first unfortunate goal, more nervous on our hockey sticks, but we turned a bad situation.At a time when we were to confirm the score to 4: 1, we were in a bad turn and the opponent used it. The ending was somewhat dramatic, but our experienced players did. “ ” We are glad we are, we are glad we are, we are glad to have three points out of this match. “

they had another great meeting. I was curious how the boys play outside; so far we have had all the matches at home, but we have been doing homecoming. I’m happy with both performance and results. It is a pity that we did not have to do it in the final game without a goal keeper, we would have a duel with a champion, but we would have liked it a lot, we played against the experienced team. The first two ‘lashes’ of the selected were also played blind in some phases.I am glad that they trained us in some minutes and showed us how they online betting offers play in our defense tretine. My boys are welcoming such matches, shifting them from junior to senior hockey. “

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