Biathlon: Twenty-first for Sandrine Bailly

PJONGČANG March 1 (SITA) – French women Sandrine Bailly are in the fascinating women’s 10 km fighter races in the 7th round of the World Cup in biathlon in Korean Pjongchang. Twenty-year-old member of the Bronze Relay of the Olympic Games in Turin 2006, world champion in this spectacularly attractive discipline and owner of seven precious metals from world championships, holder of a large crystal globe for a total victory in the SP in the 2004/2005 season achieved its jubilee 20th triumph in races The results are counted in the overall sports personality betting SP classification.

She started from second place after four-speed races 14 seconds after winning the sprinter Nemka Magdalena Neuner, but after the second shot she was on her forehead.By the end she managed to keep her position, the last two shooting items managed to slow but flawless and earned 50 points for the victory at the top of the overall SP classification, as well as the red jersey of the best biathlete in the ranking of the fighter races. The second goal was achieved by Italian Michel Ponz, who has equalized his life maximum in the races of this league, and Albin Achatov won the bronze.

The current leader of the Crisis Globe struggle Nemca Andrea Henkel ended on 5th.Winner of the quarter-finals champion six-year world champion Neuner once again failed to shoot, collecting up to seven penal circuits and despite the traditionally famous running performance she had to satisfy the 6th position. Slovakia in Pjongchang has no representation.

Results – Women’s Fighting Race: Sandrine Bailly sports betting offers (Fr.) 31: 29.8 min (1 Penalty Circle) 2. Michela Ponz , 9 s (1), 3. Albina Achatovova (Rus.) +1: 00,1 (2), 4. Marie Laure Brunetova (Fr.) +1: 10.0 (0) 5. Andrea Henkelová .) +1: 21.5 (2), 6. Magdalena Neunerova (DE) +1: 44.5 (7), 7. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Fin) +1: 54.1 (3), 8. Oksana Neupokojevova (Rus.) +2: 18.6 (3), 9. Kati Wilhelm (German) +2: 28.4 (3), 10.Kathrin Hitzer (DE) +2: 37,8 (2)

Ranking in SP after 20 races (out of 26 scheduled): Sandrine Bailly Points 2. Andrea Henkelová (Germany) 627, 3. Magdalena Neunerová (Germany) 608, 4. Kati Wilhelmová (Germany) 572, 5. Martina Glagowová (DE) 532, 6. Jekaterina Jurievova 521, 7. Tora Berger (Norway) 520, 8. Helena Jonsson (Swe.) 444, 9. Svetlana Slepcovová (Rus.) 436, 10. Anna Carin Olofssonová 70, 74. Petra Slezáková 2, 76. Janka Gereková (all Slovakia) 1

Ranking in the racing race ranking (after six races from the eight scheduled): Sandrine Bailly Fr.) 248 points, 2. Andrea Henkel (DE) 246, 3.Kati Wilhelm (1974) 4. Tora Bergerová (NOR) 196, 5. Magdalena Neunerová (Germany) 177, 6. Jekaterina Jurievova (Russian) 169, 7. Martina Glagowová (DE) 164, 8. Svetlana Slepcovova (Russia) 134, 9. Michela Ponzova (ITA) 129, 10. Solveig Rogstad (NOR) 124,…33. Martina Halinárová (SR) 30

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