Cibulkova is in the round of the US Open. nadeline canary

NEW YORK. Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulková won the Saturday’s meeting of the 3rd round of the women’s singles final at the fourth Grand Slam tournament of the season US Open in New York (August 30 to September 12, total money USD 22,668,000, hard surface DecoTurf II outside) over Spanish qualifier Lourdes Dominguez -Linovou (148th in the rankings) at the premiere fight each other for 81 minutes extremely convincing 6: 0, 6: 1. Cibulkova authorized aug only one gem

Advancing lost the only gem in its own administration at the beginning of the second part. He uses third match point. Only one game last handed over last year at the Paris Roland Garros against Belgian Kirsten Flipkens (6: 1, 6: 0 in the secondround).

It became the fifth Slovak in the history in the round of the tournament after Radke Zrubáková (1990), Katarína Studeníkovej (1995), Karine Cílekovej-Habšudová (1996, 1997) and Daniele Hantuchovej (2002 – Finally to round 2009 ).

Cibulková as a receiving attributed to 66% by the following pass of the Pecanek. Dominguez Lino demonstrated only 6 winning strokes in addition to 30 unforced errors.Slovak had in this respect much more flattering ratio 15 “winery” – 28 errors.

The intimate villages no. 11 with one long side stands without actively dictated by the initial Shaman pace, pushing 29-year aug into a deep defensive, she kept her far behind the baseline and it was only a matter of time and patience favoritky how long it will take breaking the resistance of the tough former 40th toys renkingu. The first three games lasted 23 minutes. Overcoming native of Pontevedra throughout the duel not play backhand with top rotation maybe even in the number of fingers of one hand.

“With my today’s performance I am satisfied. Aug played exactly as I expected.I was ready for it and very’vyhecovaná’. I knew that after two difficult rounds I have a chance to win even a little bit easier. Especially initially very windy, so I usually take a little longer to make a point. “

” I did not in fact go to excessive risk. I could have some exchanges terminate perhaps even faster, but given the conditions I prefer to chose a safer and more secure way. What I played was enough to me to be on court comfort.I am very happy how I made it, “said Dominika Cibulková SITA, adding:

” Spaniard is strictly relied on the fact that I possibly could just beat if I was in the wind rushed and unnecessarily aggressive speech at the I did too many mistakes. I got her with those on the horse.I had to therefore behave patiently. “Thanks to the Slovak fans

Slovak tennis player after the match praised Slovak fans and thanked them for their support.” A group of Slovaks was not yet in all of my matches at this year’s US Open and today has created a great atmosphere . “

” every time you change sides chanted my name and after each fiftíne povbudzovali me for whatever they want very much to thank. It’s great when I feel that people are behind me and in such a big tournament. I am very pleased that the US Open I finally managed to break Smola series that has accompanied the previous tournaments of the American series.My whole team is glad of it, “she said.

Twice finalist of the main professional circuit this year Cibulkova lost the Australian Open in the first round (5: 1 in the third set) and consistently in round 3 at Roland Garros and Wimbledon. in New York in round 2 of the escaped Ukrainians Kateryne Bondarenko’s of 5 mečbalov, so she finally nevypomstilo wasted lead 6: 2, 4: 1, although it has features of a small sporting tragedy. Foto – AP

If Cibulkova with Dominguez Lino on Saturday failed, it would be its worst setback Ranking from succumbing Romanian Ande Perianovej (then 221) in the Wimbledon qualifying 2007.

Slovak played with reinforced left ankle and said: “Even after the secondround I was saying that I pobolievala tendon. I did not want to like it during the match or worse. Current status, however, is such that on the court I felt very good. “

Cibulkova in state 4: 0 in their own administration and compliance rozčúlilo silence line judge after a defensive hit grueling that optically really directed at baseline

“healthy when I was angry, I’zabila’ the two fore- and finally I was also raised to 5: 0th The verdict me mad, because on the court remained impression and it was some ten centimeters outside.However, there is nothing to be done on the smaller courts without Jastrabie’s eye and maybe it was a good thing: it rightly started me. “Cibulka is waiting for a duel with Kuznecová

For the co-owner of Perth Hopman Cup 2009 Cibulkova will be the eighth-

With Cubulka’s negative result, Cibulka has a negative balance of 1: 3 with the US Open champion in 2004, but with 7: 5, 6: 2 in January at the Sydney tournament. The Slovak couple has already won a 100,000 USD prize in New York and 280 WTA points.In the new edition should return to the world’s best forties, since last year the US Open did not start to fatigue fracture of a rib and defend any points.

“Even now it’s my best result at the US Open career and advance very much look forward to the next match, though certainly not easy. The man goes on, the more the grueling better, but I believe that the this tournament I really each, “said Cibulkova

” Svetlana know and I know what them can be expected. in recent weeks signaled growth form, which confirmed the victory in San Diego. it will be important to keep it in long exchanges and push it.I have to concentrate fully Qualifying match and give maximum performance. Against Dominguez Lino it was on my part well, but there are still things that need improvement. If you want to succeed against Kuznetsova, I have to play faster and more aggressive and well-administered. It will be an open game. “Tennis player: I hope that I and the team footballers coat the Russians

Cibulkova noticed the correlation of their New York appearances with qualified football Championship 2012. The day after the fight with any member of the ‘Zborna” because Slovaks enroll in Moscow: “i hope that i and those guys to coat the Russians!”

Bratislavčanka twenty one year old Cibulkova, currently 45thin the world rankings, now it has 129 championship USA security 280 points in the rankings and a check for 100 000 USD. Last year in the area USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows location forcibly absent for fatigue fracture of a rib, so thanks to the increase in current three rounds of attacks Top 35 semifinalist Paris of clay Roland Garros in 2009 was the highest so far for 12th position. US Open so far has been its peak predvlaňajšie third round, when local debut in 2007, Lucia secondround.

Zverenkyňa Croatian coach Zeljko Krajan Cibulková during the summer overseas series of preparatory events very successful: in New York, arrived with a balance of 4: 6, with two triumphs achieved in New Haven “only” in qualifying.

It is still true that only 163 cm tall Dominguez Lino, winner of the girls at Roland Garros in 1999, has never been a Grand Slam third round. Champion of the clay tournament in Bogota 2006 (final 6: 1, 6: 3 Ludmila Cervanova) managed just like now two games last year in Paris.

At the very US Open in four previous starts in the main competition at least once passed the first round.At the turn of May and June won the trophy at ITF events with a subsidy of 50 000 USD for the slowest base in Italy, gradually overcome Fedákova, Archos, Ferguson, Russians and Oprandi.

In March of the “hard” in Monterrey, Mexico succumbed Daniele Hantuchovej relatively close 3: 6, 6: 7 (6) and is now defeated the Kristina Kucova on clay Bucharest (7: 5, 6: 2) . On the professional circuit it varies from season 1996 Cibulkova then had seven years. Women – Singles – 3rd round: