Cíger expects players to perform team, discipline and heart


BRATISLAVA.Zdeno Cíger played 108 matches in Slovakia, 34 goals, played at six world championships.

At the end of the week, the Deutschland Cup in Augsburg will be premiered as a national team coach.

On Tuesday afternoon, the representatives gathered in Bratislava, then they were trained.

Only trio Ján Brejčák (HC Davos), Michal Tchaikovsky (Sparta Praha) and Martin Bakoš (White Tigers Liberec), who have club duties in the Lige Championship, missed.

The national team will be joined immediately after the game, their arrival in Bratislava is expected at night on Wednesday.

After the weekend, the coach had to make three enforced changes in cadre.

Peter Čerešňák, Marcel Haščák and Radovan Puliš, who were replaced by defender Milan Jurčina (Medveščak Zagreb) and strikers Tomáš Hrnka (HC Košice) and Tomáš Zigo (HC ’05 Banská Bystrica) .

Fortunately, on Tuesday, no further cuts were made in the list.

“All players are healthy and cool.I still need to see them on training because they have been scattered in their clubs so far. I do not know how they work and what they are. This is just a start, “said the senior chef.”

The German Cup is traditionally the first representative event in the season and now also the premiere for the new team.

General manager Róbert Švehla had a tied hand on the nomination. Fifty players announced a boycott in July, including seventeen hockey players from the May World Championships.

A team made up of several youngsters and internationally unskilled players.Only seven in Augsburg should be releasing the premiere in the A-team.

Kanonier HC ’05 iClinic Banská Bystrica Tomáš Zigo has requested an excellent performance in the highest home competition.

“Of course, I’m very excited about the invitation and I’m in a good inner mood, although it will be hard for me to push for such a forum, just for such moments I try hard to train and be better and better I hope we do not disappoint Ciger and make the best performances in Germany, “Zigo said.

Up to five players added a Slovakian KHL Slovan Bratislava to the selection, one of them being the young striker Pavol Skalický.

“I’m looking forward to the representation.I will try to show what is in me and convince the coach of his abilities, “said TASR Skalický. Both goalkeepers Samuel Baros (Zvolen) and Michal Dzubina (Martin) are from the home league Tipsport and both are In the representation also newcomers.

“We did not have much choice when nominating. Nominated boys, however, try to do good in their clubs and if we are well motivated and show what is in them, they will be fine, “added Cíger.

The defender will be Milan Jurčina. Vladimir Dravecky and Roman Kukumberg, who is 110 with the most experienced players in the team.

“Milan is one of the most experienced players, and of course meets the criteria of the captain.We have a lot of young boys in the team, we tried to give him some experience, “the coach explained.

Together with general manager Róbert Švehl, he had to build a wider boom because after the second match in the tournament the team will leave the trio Brejčák, Tchaikovsky, Bakos, who have duties in Lige champions.

“Their clubs pushed us. They have to leave after the second match, so I also take extra players to Germany. It has been complicated for us all the time, but we have already closed it, “said Cíger.

He already has an idea what he will demand from his players. They are not afraid to show they want to play and they can play hockey. I certainly do not want them to be squinting just to drop the pucks from each other.Of course, I would love to play team-based, reliable and especially to show players a heart. They have to show they want to play for Slovakia, “said the coach.

For the first action with the national team, Cíger is very excited.

” To hock well, A bit of stress, because if you cough it or you’re too loose it does not work. I am certainly aware of the great responsibility that is associated with this work.I’m expecting it. “

Cíger still has not got the exact set in the head, he will determine after the coaching as well as the name of the goalie who will stand in the lead in the tournament. / P>

The departure of the team to Augsburg is scheduled for Thursday morning.

The Slovaks will meet in the tournament with the USA (Friday, November 6 at 4:00 pm), home Germany (Saturday 7th November

16.00 Slovakia – USA

19.30 Germany – Switzerland

14.00 Switzerland – USA


17.30 Slovakia – Germany

13.00 Slovakia – Switzerland