Droppa finished in Tomsk and is looking for an engagement

Representative Lukas Droppa finished in Tomsk, who has financial problems and did not pay players a paycheck. With the current club of the Russian League, the 27-year-old midfielder has agreed to terminate the contract and can now look for a new engagement as a free player.

“We have settled with the club without any problems. They know that the bug is on their side, telling us that whoever wants to leave, I was one of the first because I wanted to be as quick as possible to look for a new club, “Droppa said in an interview for CTK.

Tomsk’s management has pleased him because he has experienced one unpleasant experience in engaging in Pandurii, Romania. “Then they did not pay us, but they did not want to let us go, and I had to judge them.In Tomsk, they kept themselves fair, they thanked me and I had the door open if I ever wanted to go back. We did good, “said Droppa.” They could learn other clubs that do not pay for them, “he added.

He also has the promise that Tomsk will pay him a salary by the end of January. “I could have solved it through the gaming association and judged, but we agreed to pay all the money by January 31. In any case, they did not do that by saying that when I’m done, they do not give me anything. Everything is on paper. At the beginning of the year they should get money from the governor who gave the floor. I hope this club will stay and it will continue, “ said.

” It’s a traditional club, there’s only football in town.I do not think they let him go. Speaking of not going to spring is more of a pressure on people who have the levers to get the money, “he adds to the address of the club where other Czech David David Jablonský is working.

The new engagement of Droppa does not yet exist, but his offerings go. “I’ve been counting for a long time with this happening. Managers are looking for something and getting my first bids. I’ll see, there’s plenty of time. I believe I will finally find the right club in which I will be happy, “said the offspring of Sparta, who had not done the last two engagements in Panduria and Tomsk all the way to life.

He could go back to the Czech league. “Foreign is not a priority for me.The last two sessions were not good, and since I have a little daughter, I also admitted that I could go back to bring it closer to my family. I’m thinking myself now whether I’m going to vote for a more risky trip to Russia or Turkey, or if I accept the offer of a Czech team. “

The situation complicates him from appealing to him as a fresh representative, and he has a contract with the Polish agency Fabryka Futbol. Over the last month, maybe a hundred managers had heard me. But it’s more damaging. I have already been interested in one big club, but my name was called by six different managers, without knowing it, which hurt me, “he added.