Familiar Spaniard Fernández won the first title at the European Championship in Zagreb

ZAHREB – Spaniel Javier Fernández (21) became the first European championship figure skating champion when he sovereignly triumphed at a championship in Zagreb, Croatia.Madrid, prepared by experienced Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson, has become the first Spaniard in the history of the European Championship Medal.

  •  Javier Fernández with gold medal  Javier F erndndez with a gold medal
  •  Florent Amodio, Javier Fernández and Michal Brezina
  • > After the short program, he was the second, but he was the best in the free rides.He earned 186.07 points for his Charlie Chaplin, which is the second best score of one of the scorers at this stage of the competition in history. More points were scored by Canadian Patrick Chan at the 2011 World Championships (187.96 points).

    In total, Fernández won 274.87 point and over 24 points overtook Florence Amodia from France, who led after a short program. The native of Brazilian Sobral won the third precious metal in a row, in 2011 he was gold and bronze last year. Michal Březina won the third place and has the first big senior medal in his career.

    The competition was not completed by the favored Russian Jevgeniy Pleshchenko.The defender of the title hesitated in a short program with a triple axle, the four-point toeloop did not rank, and resigned for the back problems.

    span style = “font-size: 12px;”> 1. Javier Fernández (Spain) 274,87, 2. Florent Amodio (Fr.) 250,53, 3. Michal Březina (Czech Republic) Joubert (Fr.) 232,47, 5. Maxim Kovtun (Rus.) 226,57, 6. Alexander Majorov (Sw.) 211,88