Family Formula One is gone

BRATISLAVA. If you want to see Ferrari, McLaren or Renault run for next year’s racing car races, you may have to switch to another program.

“The new rules restrict us too much, the competition is not transparent and does not act in our interest,” they agreed. Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Brawn GP, ​​Renault and Toyota want to compete for the audience.

Can there be two racing series? Czech Pavel Turek, commentator and expert on formula 1, says it may not work.

“It is exactly the same now in America. This could be a problem.The interest of the audience, the media, especially the money, would split into two parts, “Turek told

At the time of the economic crisis, this is not the most meaningful thing. Unknown fans on unknown monoposts. “Fans want to see Ferrari, McLaren, Brawn GP.”

Who is going to ride the classic championship is uncertain. Five teams are logged in. On Saturday, other teams should be known to replace the rebels.

The advantage is that F1 has concluded broadcasting contracts and other contracts. For example, with BBC UK, it signed a 10-year contract for 800 million euros. “But what will they send out when Campos and Force India will ride?Will the TV stations be satisfied when teams and riders with no name will ride there? “Says Turek.

According to Formula Money’s analysis, eight teams will lose half of their revenues by about eight billion dollars. / P>

Eight teams Energybet online betting free bet will be more complicated with the start of their championship, but Turkey has everything to think about before.

The problem arises if the season is under control and circuits. He will want to sell the new series on TV screens, negotiating television contracts that would secure the income for all participants, it will be difficult.

In addition, they face a lawsuit for breach of contracts they have signed with F1.Because some have committed to F1 for 10 years.

How will it be in the coming season?

Two separate racing series will be created. In the FIA ​​Championship, few known teams will ride. Famous brands such as Ferrari and McLaren are setting up their championship.

Energybet bet sports The FIA, under the threat that MS will be impassive, will come to sponsors and lucrative TV contracts, stopping from its demands. The championship will be in the old composition.

New teams can not secure all the necessary issues regarding the operation of their own series. Some will come back for a year, others will end up.

The FIA ​​qualitatively falls and will not be watched. Team-based series will survive.

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