Fico: Soccer is a social phenomenon in our country, so the government is interested

BRATISLAVA. The government of Slovakia does not recognize football as one of the sports sector because football is a social phenomenon in Slovakia that employs almost 19,000 people.

On Friday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico declared on the forum of the Slovak Football Union (SFZ) on the margo of the ongoing evaluation of the reconstruction, modernization and construction of the football stadiums. Video from TK (start at 4:16)

“Football is a big money-making sporting game, it’s the most sporty and most popular sport and the government has to pay attention to,” Fico said. According to him, it is agreed that the government will provide the SFZ with EUR 45 million for 10 years, with the association being responsible for cooperating with local authorities in the selection of sports facilities that will be refurbished.The funding model is that 60 percent of the cost of the stadium reconstruction comes from subsidies and 40 from the local government.

“Soccer has a huge potential in Slovakia, so it is a topic that the government of Slovakia is interested in. Cooperation between the government and SFZ has proved to be fantastic, concrete and tangible,” said the head of the Cabinet, In the future also the supporter of the construction of the football academy.

Robert Fico recapitulated that on Saturday,August will open a new stadium in Trnava, which was a subsidy of 13 million euros.

Currently, the stadiums in Ruzomberok, Bardejov, Humennom and Zvolen are being rebuilt.

“We are still waiting for Trenčín, Dunajská Streda, Nitra, Prievidza, Košice, Banská Bystrica, Presov, Dolny Kubin and Skalica. Behave in a cultural way, “Fico thinks. The stadiums in Trnava, Zlaté Moravce, Poprad, Senica, Myjave, Zilina and Podbrezová are finished. Part of the stadium is already ready

SFZ President Ján Kováčik reminded that the government 27.February 2013 approved a project for the reconstruction, modernization and construction of 21 football stadiums.

“All top clubs must have a stadium of 2017/18 stadiums in the UEFA 2 category, including heated lawn, artificial lighting and a camera system, with seven stadiums staked yet, four running, the other being done Project documentation, “he said.

At the same time, Fico repeated that the government wants to go ahead with the construction of the National Football Stadium in Bratislava.

“We have a total of 27 million euros, and we have chosen a renowned KPMG adviser to assess the suitability of the project, to investigate what has been pre-invested, and on the basis of the report, the government will start negotiating with the current investor.There will be some agreement that the government will take full control of the construction of the stadium in cooperation with SFZ. As soon as the auditor’s report is ready, we will announce further steps, “the prime minister said. The accusations refute

The Prime Minister at the same time denied opposition accusations that the auditor was chosen to be too expensive. We do and do not let ourselves stop by shouting people who just criticized and left nothing behind them. The process of the ministry of education is legitimate and necessary, “he declared, with the whole process transparent and clear.

Kováčik also made the new stadium.

” I believe the National Football Stadium Will be and that the time when we will extend the waiting will end. After this decision, the stadium can stand for about two years, “he estimated.