Gigi thought we would be a goalkeeper beneath the impression from the activity Cameroonian Tom N Kono.

Gigi thought we would be a goalkeeper within the notion on the contest Cameroonian Tom N Kono.
The grandson on the well known goalkeeper Lorenzo Buffon and national of the many new well known goalkeepers Gianluigi Buffon for the former position left Jeff N Kono. This is a online game associated with Cameroonian therefore jolted German son he chose to turn into a goalkeeper. Do you must explain what exactly the lighthouse keeper went out of Buffon? Except their hero is now a bit rusty. Consequently glad to share with a person in regards to the Cameroonian. Can tell a trifling solution. Inside the single rankings goalies, a ready that we have experienced, Kono N, ranks next. When our own Rinat Dasaev.

Like lots of within our people I discovered a Quantity Called up Kono through the earth Pot 1982, which in turn debuted for the public staff of Cameroon. I must claim that will Cameroonians include become essentially the most mysterious players within the entire world championship. We’ve understood only one participant – striker Roger Milla. The eighties from the autumn Tbilisi “Dinamo” performed with all the France “Bastia” in the statuses along with which has been made by the Cameroonian. Keep in mind it absolutely was brutal, particularly Kote Makharadze while succulent utter the last name in the forward. Pro showed with Italy Jean-Pierre Kiryat tokoto I to help the waste performed see. The once a week “Football-Hockey” wrote how the entrance of Cameroonians shields Thomas N Kono, among the finest goalkeepers with Africa. Bar I, in those days a student in the 9th course, Cameroonians, like any African crew, witnessed a panel not significant, which is the actual participation within the planet Contest became a terrific achievement. Much more interested, as each of our commentators will certainly articulate funny calls of the participants from the nationwide players connected with Cameroon variety Ayobo, Onan or Bondo.

But it remained plenty of to discover the competition involving Peru in addition to Cameroon, being my own perspective towards Africa changed dramatically. Frenchman Jean Vincent, whom managed the “lions” ahead of the battle, ended up being provided for you to The nation by a quite skilled group. Though the record idea ended up being created by the warden, he’s a lead, to whom our own mass media titled Thomas N Kono.