In Australia, do not wait in the epitome of the line

BRATISLAVA. The ephemeral has always been a little overdue, says world champion Michael Schumacher seven times.

He has given the AP a question as to whether the first races of the season were too energy-free.

“If the football match ends 0: 0 then is it boring? If the basketball result is 100: 100, then is it an exciting match? “Schumacher opposed.

In Bahrain, the order was almost the same as after the start.

The order of the tanking during the race and the change of rules was almost unchanged.The former champion missed a guráž.

Schumacher claims that for real fans the racing is still exciting.

“There are many people who see how this sport is developing and things are changing for the better. “Schumacher: Do not Wait For Wonders

In Australia, there are four winners in the record.

” I know people trust me, trust me. I am not a magician, but you can not ask me to win the race right from the beginning.If someone thought that I was just starting out in the back of my ass, it was wrong, “Schumacher told reporters yesterday at a press conference before training.

Approximately the same rank and distance as Bahrain is expecting a 41-year-old veteran this weekend In the second races of the season Two years ago, Ferrari won the championship before McLaren, and Schumacher won sixth place: “We have a lot to do, we’re losing the best,” said Schumacher.

The Melbourne circuit, as well as Bahrain, does not offer so many places to go. Red Bull Favority

According to Fernando Alons, Red Bull is a big favorite for the Red Bull.

“They have a small lead over other teams.One thing, however, is to have a fast car and the second to win the race, “said Alonso, who won in Bahrain only thanks to the technical problems of the Red Bull.

The organizers a year ago resisted the pressure of the FIA ​​motoring federation and did not shift the start of the race until the evening .

However, the retreat for Melbourne retention confirmations until 2015 left Europe and the race moved by 2.5 hours to 17.00 australian time (8.00 CET).

Year had problems with sharp sunset over the horizon, a great price start at the same time this year.Australia is still hot summer, during the weekend the temperatures in Albert Park should be around 30 degrees, on Sunday evening rain is expected .