Klišan decided to win the third Slovak point against Copil

Constance, BRATISLAVA. Slovak tennis players for the second time in a row fought their way into the September relegation to participate in the World Group of the Davis Cup.

The game second round of the first group of Euro-African zone of lead because of domestic Romania already 3: 1.The decisive third point for the team captain Miloslava Mečířa was on clay in Constanta care Martin Kližan, who in the opening singles in Sunday’s duel of team defeated Marius Copila units in three sets 7: 6 (3), 6: 3, 6: 3rd

In just a decision to build was finally on Sunday afternoon and played the final singles for three games in which domestic Adrian Ungur beat Norberta Gombosa at 1:29 h 6: 4, 6: 4 and cosmetically make it 2 3 in terms of hosts.

Slovaks interrupted a series of four Davis Cup losses to soil opponent and recorded the first victory since September 2010, when the promotion round to maintain the second division in Minsk consult with Belarus.

Romanians rewarded defeat 1: 4 in City sport hall in Prešov in 2002.Slovak team performed the best last Šestnástkou in 2006.

After losing to Belgium dropped out of the World Group and since then, vainly trying to get back among the elite.Last year in the promotion round lost in Chicago USA with 0: 5th

The Sete opening a Kližan and Copil with an overview of their winning submission, so the series came to a tie-break, which dominated the Slovak national team.

Klizan played as in Friday’s fight with Adrian Ungur maximum concentratedly, the Committee moved on the court, had the upper hand in the long rallies from the baseline.

The fate of the second act decided eighth gem in which Kližan for the first time in the match broke the administration servujúceho quality opponent.

Copil was the score 3: 5 chance of rebrejk, the best Slovak singlista but Shaman won three in a row.The third set was Kližan after a counterattack fifth geme lead 3: 2 match already to a successful conclusion.

the score 5: 3 converted by winning return in the order of a second match point.