New Hejn? Champion wants the young supertalent to train once

She had eyed her eyes like a small child under the tree. Tereza Vokalova, the eighteen-year-old at the Championship in Tábor, has improved the personal record for 400 meters of obstacles for more than a second and a half, and in addition to the sensational title she earned a comparison with champion Zuzana Hejna. They share the big assumptions and the name of their first coach.And maybe even more.

Effort from the target plane was dissolved in a totally unbelievable smile, when Tereza Vokalová blinked at the end of the championship of the Republic for the time and the face relaxed with the flow of endorphins. > “Suddenly I’m pretty good enough, so I really could not believe it,” Vokalova laughed. “I was wondering if it was time for me, and if it did not go wrong or it did not…” The timekeeper announced the 57.22 performance, the best time this year’s junior season in Europe, the sixth in the world. And what is interesting from the Czech point of view? This is a sharp limit for the July European Adult Championship in Amsterdam.And the performance that Vokalova gets into similar spheres, where Zuzana Hejnová, the double world champion, once started.

Vokalova in Tábor has run its breakthrough time three days after her eighteen. At the same age, Hejn’s personal record was 22 centimeters slower. But she had already won the title at the Junior World Championship and other medals at MEJ and MSJ.

“If it’s Zuzka’s level? I can not quite get it right now, but I guess I guess. But Terka is the first year of a junior, there is still plenty of time, “says Dana Jandova, the first coach of Hejna, who is starting her vocal career. “It was running amazing today.It is a girl who runs from the seventh obstacle just like Zuza, she is running up and at the end she will not be able to. “

The vocals start to penetrate into the big athletics in Jablonec, just like Hejna years ago. The beginnings of the multiboy are also common. “We are going in the same way, the way of many boys. Zuzka was more voluminous in volume, Terezka is faster, “explains Jandova.

The paths of the current star and its possible successors can be linked in the future.

” We are agreed with Zuzka I’m leaving Terezka for a year, then Zuzka will probably end up and I will hand over her to Zuzana, “says Jandova. Vocal already counts with this variation.

“That’s right. When I finish school I will go to Prague and hope to train at Zuzka, “he plans.She’s already friends with Henna, and the champion also advised her before the Tampa championship. “She wished me good luck, she wished for my birthday because I had eighteen on Thursday. She wrote me as to, so I listened to her…”Vokalová recounts.