Novák is looking forward to the Danes, with his opponent already

Czech players will only play a preparatory match against Denmark on Tuesday, but for Filip Novák’s defender it will be a very prestigious affair. The second season is playing in Midtjylland in Denmark, so he enjoys a great deal. Even though he still does not know if he will ever get to the field.

“I’m so excited, there are packs of boys in our club, trainer, physiotherapists. And I hope we can bonus vedonlyönti do it. “ Novák said in an interview with journalists.

While in qualifying he entered the basic set, but against Denmark wants to give coach Karel Jarolí chance to other players and Novák Daniel Pudil is waiting for him. He could, however, enter the reserve. “I did not corrupt my coach to play.It’s just a coach. I do not care if I play or I’m on the bench. The main thing is to confirm the win over Norway before the four-month pause that awaits us, “he assured him that he was not of personal interest.

Trainer Jarolim is ready to help with preparation for his opponent. I> “When she asks me, I like to advise. I know them and know what to expect from them. I would like to advise at least the boys in the cabin, how to behave and how some Danes behave, “said the 26-year-old left-handed beacon.

He warned in particular of the great offensive force of the Danish selection and Nicholas Jörgensen of Feyenoord Rotterdam And Andreas Cornelius of Copenhagen. “Both are very similar. Robust and power types that scarcely remove the ball but are not too fast. We have to be careful about them.They have very good trackers, “added Novák.

The great power in the duels is said to be typical of the Danish team. ” These are Nordic types made by players, tall, physically strong, But they also have balloon-quality players. They also have a quick counterattack. They play a force of football, but aggressive, “ described the merits of the opponent. ” They will cut it off completely, they will not give the ball for free. It will not be a friend but a ride, “he said.

The European champions of 1992 have not been very successful lately, they missed the European Championship in the last European Championship, Only four wins.

“They have a very good team, so I am glad that they have no results now. But it’s only a matter of time. Football is vedonlyönti android puhelimella the number one sport for them.Soon they will be playing again at the European Championships and the World Championships, “estimated Novák.

He headed to Denmark in the summer of 2015 from Jablonec and engages in Midtjylland. ” I did a great step, That we left there. It was twelve minutes in five minutes.

Now I would get out of here. We immediately played the European League, gained experience and self-esteem, “Novak said.

Also in Denmark, he adapted his lifestyle and eating habits, switched to his way of life and worked on the shortcomings in the game. “I was not looking for a lot of combat before, I missed the portfolio. In Denmark, I learned to be a tougher player. That’s what I needed. I also worked on strength. We have similar measurements like here at coach Jarolim. It also measures our muscles and fats.Still, because otherwise I would be nervous if I went through the measurement after a month, “he added with a smile.

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