Platini wants to increase competition: It wants to fight against the domination of Barcelona, ​​Real and others.

ZÜRICH – European Football Union (UEFA) Chief Michel Platini wants to limit the buying activity of the biggest clubs in the world, which, thanks to their financial background, attract the best players, thus destroying competition in top football. A French official would also like to increase the share of domestic players in top teams around the world.

World Cup Michel Platini said in July and added: “The wealthiest clubs in the world can own the best players thanks to their capital.We want them to be deployed across Europe and not just in two or three clubs. “

The 1984 European Champion also attacked the so-called” Bosman rule “on signing free players: ” By doing this, you can have the best players in the team today. For example, in the past, the Spanish League fought for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Valencia or many other teams.For the other decade, except for the last year, only two teams have won. “

Platini also said that during the September meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, he would like to focus on the share of domestic players in individual clubs. on 25-member lists of at least eight domestic footballers.This share could be further increased.