The hockey players have begun preparation, Hudáček on the German Cup will replace Čílik

BRATISLAVA. The Slovak ice hockey team met for the first time in the season for the first time in the season, before completing the German Cup to Munich, it is preparing a short preparation in Bratislava.

The Slovaks will arrive in Munich from Friday to Sunday (7-9 November) against the choice of Canada (16.30), Germany (16.15) and Switzerland (13.15).

Trainer Vladimir Vuitek had to make one change before Tuesday’s game, goalkeeper Július Hudáček from Swedish Örebra replaced the team Komety Brno Marek Čiliak. Spartians will be joined later

No pair of Juraj Mikus, Lukáš Cingeľ from Sparta Prague have come best online betting sites offers to focus.Legionnaires from the Czech Republic have club duties on Tuesday night, Sparta will play at home in the first match of the 2014/2015 Champions League final against Linköping.

“Julo Hudacek was injured in the last match, so we had to replace him, Juraj Valach had some problems, he had fever and missed two matches, but now he is feeling good,” said Vujtek.

The team has up to six newcomers – defenders Adam Jánošík, Oldřich Kotvan, Lukáš Kozák and strikers Dalibor Bortňák, Lukáš Cingeľ and Roman Rác.The most successful man of choice is defender Ivan Švarný with 79 representative records.

There were two changes to the previous week’s nomination – except the goalkeepers and the one in the attack: the injured David Skokan replaced Tomáš Sýkora.

“There are players from the Czech and Slovak extraliga, one from Swedish, Finnish, Belarusian or KHL, but it is not the best way to try other players.”

“I am very sorry that Radoslav Tybor, Peter Mikuš and René Vydareny can not come to the wounds, as new players appear on the German Cup, and some of them may be fighting for the championships World, “said coach Vladimir Vujtek.Players with good skating

Despite the vast majority of under-experienced players, the coach does not want to travel to Munich to gain experience regardless of the results.

“They are the younger players, they are the hockey players of the future of Slovak hockey.” We wanted to go another way, but Cehlárik or Černák are in the twenties, this is the last joint action of the youths before the December world championships.

“We do not want to go to Germany to gain experience, I believe the three games give the guys a lot, and I’m convinced that they are doing a good job.They are all players with good luck, good taste and good skating, “Vujtek said.

Marek Viedenský came to Bratislava as well, sports betting offers who last represented Slovakia at the World Championships in Minsk in 2014. Hämmeenlinny striker has nine And four goals.

“I was really looking forward to the team. betting account offers I would like to show the form from the club on the international scene. In Hämmeenlinne, our formation has enough space, it is good for us. Germany is younger, but we all know how to play hockey and we will try to represent Slovakia as best we can, “said Marek Viedenský.