We got the hardest opponent, he claims before the eight-time coach of Croatia

LENS. The conclusion of the Saturday’s eight-year EURO 2016 football program will be marked by Croatia’s crowns with Portugal.

The Croats have ranked among the Energybet free sports bets biggest favorites of the tournament after a hundred per cent performance in the group. But Energybet sport bet as the D-group winners, instead of the weaker team of the team, they came across the moody Portugal. Cristian Ronaldom’s team headed for the base but showed a performance boost Wednesday and believes Luka Modric, a dispatcher of Luke Modric. All messages from Euro 2016 in one place.

The Croats have shown enough football in the tournament to date.Without Modrica or Canadian Maria Mandzuki, they beat the European Spaniards 2: 1 European champions, but they took the first place in the D-group.

However, they did not get a full nine points. After a 1: 1 victory over the Turks, they managed to score a 100% shield at the end of the match against the Czechs, with whom they managed 2-0.

Finally, they left only with a point for draw 2: 2. The defenders in the base group also defeated the defenders Energybet free online betting of the Spanish title. Video //www.youtube.com/embed/04GZV-kb0Is

Statistical forecasts fit the Croatian into a favorite role. However, with regard to the quality of Portugal, it is hardly realistic to talk about a convincing approach.

“We can not let go.We are sorry to have won the group and have played three great matches, but now is the least time to be satisfied with it, “said the midfielder of the Spanish Grand Club FC Barcelona Ivan Rakitič.Veria in his quality. Ante Čacčiča Showed football’s character as well as its character, and it is rightly among the favorites for the final triumph, but Portugal has, despite unsatisfactory results, the quality to stop Croatia crowning the summit.

“At this stage of the tournament there is no easy opponent We have gotten the hardest.We have passed the group successfully, so there is no reason why we should not enter the duel with confidence in ourselves and with determination, “said Čaččič, Croatian Football Association (HNS).” We respect Portugal, but we believe in our quality, our character and (Source: SITA / AP)

Portugal, according to the pre-championship predictions, has to pass the F-group easily into the eighth finals.From the clear games, three exhausted performances were waiting for Ronald’s awakening.

There was no one against Iceland (1: 1) and Austria (0: 0), but Hungary did not come up with a two- 3: 3 was not enough.Me in the futbol 2016 – finals: Fernando Santosa is expecting a challenging task as the Croatians have been drawing ten-time series since September 2015 without losing with eight victories and only two draws.

“They are one of the sharks of the tournament, the favorites to win, and we want to stop them,” Santos said. “They won the group because they beat the Spaniards.”We have high expectations”

The last performance against Hungary could be a reflection bridge for Portugal.

The goal of the goal was not only CristianoRonald, but Nani. In addition, coach Santos has the talent of Renato Sanchesa, and after his arrival on the lawn, he has come to life on the offensive side, but he has been too agitated and attacked.

“We have high expectations, Enormous motivation, we are ambitious and determined. Cristiano proved what it meant for the whole team. He is the winner and cannonist, he has a gut.Thanks to him, our confidence has increased, “added Santos. Read also: Read also: They bought him for 750 euros, now costing 35 million and overtaking Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has started the game against the Hungarians, “The Portuguese are aware that their next performance in the tournament depends heavily on him.

” We are facing a good team, chances are fifty to fifty.Croatia has a lot of quality players, which has already been confirmed, because it is impossible to beat Spaniards just as much. We also know our strength. Before the match we look into our eyes and give it up, “said Ronaldo, determined by uefa.com.

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