Who is following Jarolim? Barak and Zmrhal are close, she has to think

The upscale Slavie, the best Sparty canon league, or the successful Brno shooter. This may be the list of names that the coaching coach Karel Jarolím donominates for the selection before the qualifying match against Norway and the preparation against Denmark. “Barak is festering to be called,” Jarolim said of the two fables. And he admitted that when he was troubled and lacking in the attack, he was thinking about calling on Sparta’s captain David Lafata, who had finished a career in the EURO in France.

“The fellow is among the substitutes. We will see what the status of other players will be, but it is one of the variants for us. He dies close to being nominated among the remaining five, which we will add to the team.Slavia now comes mostly from the right side, but I think the left is probably better for him. But I do not want to go into this, it is a thing of Slavia. Barak is a player who knows about himself. He confirmed it in league matches. One player who is very close to the team is not afraid of the pitch.

“Brighton plays from left. I did not see him play another position. But we have plenty of players here. Perhaps it was a bit of a complication for him to get into the national team from the right, but as I know him, he is able to play on both sides. During the match, places often change. Assists in the second English league, but he would like to push himself in the end. It would help him. “

” We’ll see what’s going to happen with Milan Skoda.I do not know how David would react to it, but there’s this option in the game as well. If it were an emergency, she would probably want to deal with extraordinary measures. In the long run, it has demonstrated its quality and shooting capability. He is able to score goals, he just can. Michal surprised me. It’s a matter for us. I saw some matches and he did quite well. “

” In the games we played, he did not convince me. That’s why it is only among the substitutes. “

About the Discrepancy of Petržely

” Over it I think again. As for his exclusion in a league match with Dukla, he has problems with such things at times. At the last meeting, I talked to him about it. It unnecessarily spoils the impression of his good performance, which he can show. It is not good.He should definitely think seriously. “